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Monty Moose Savings Program

Our Monty Moose program is a youth savings account for those from birth up to their 12th birthday. Let us help teach your child how to save wisely and make it a fun experience!

The minimum deposit required to open a Monty Moose account is $5.00. Monty Moose savers enjoy the same generous dividend rate as the Share Deposit (savings) Account. Check our Dividend Rates page for current rate information. A deposit of $500 or more qualifies the Monty Moose Saver to open a certificate account which increases earnings.

A monthly birthday drawing is held for the Monty Moose Savers. The lucky winner receives an ice cream cake provided by the Waterville Dairy Queen. The winner is notified by mail. Monty Moose Savers also receive a birthday card each year.

Whenever a deposit of $1.00 or more is made into a Monty Moose account, a ticket is placed into a monthly drawing. A $10.00 prize is deposited into the winner’s Monty Moose account. All winners are notified by mail.

Additionally, we also provide a safe, fun, online website for our Monty Moose members to learn about money called Googolplex. Check out the links below for fun stories, games, and activities just for kids.


Elementary School

Middle School