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Traditional and Roth IRA Accounts

Traditional and Roth IRAs are personal savings plans that allow you to keep more money for yourself and pay less to Uncle Sam. At New Dimensions, we offer both types of IRAs at excellent rates for our members. We are here to help you reach your retirement goals! Do you need help deciding which type is best for you? Come on in and we will help you decide, or check out our IRA informational page.

In addition to the Traditional and Roth accounts, we also offer IRA Certificate Accounts. These certificates are similar to our regular Share Certificates in rates and terms. In order to open an IRA Certificate account you must have a Traditional or Roth IRA retirement account. You can open an IRA Certificate Account with as little as $2,000 for a term ranging three (3) months to three (3) years or (5) years with a $5000 minimum.

Early withdrawal penalty may apply if you withdraw any funds before maturity date. If a withdrawal is made prior to reaching the age of 59 ½ years, normal tax penalties will apply.