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Direct Deposit Information

Direct deposit has become the norm. In fact, many employers are now paying exclusively via direct deposit and are no longer issuing traditional checks. Direct deposit allows you to access your money immediately, rather than making a trip to your branch to make a deposit. To get started on direct deposit, speak to your payroll department at your company. Our routing number has been provided below.

When setting up direct deposit, it is important to make the distinction between your share (savings) number and share draft (checking) number. Your checking account number appears on the bottom of your checks and starts with "700120..." whereas your share number is the one that appears on your membership card and statements. If you wish to have your deposit made into your checking account, give the whole checking account number.

If you require assistance filling out your direct deposit form, stop by either one of our branches. Our friendly staff are happy to help.

Routing number: 211288860