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Visa Check Card

It's your checkbook and ATM card all in one! With your New Dimensions FCU Visa Check Card, you can make purchases wherever Visa is accepted directly from your checking account -no more need to buy and write out paper checks!

Members without a 
Checking (Share Draft) account can set up an ATM card for use with their Savings (Share Deposit) account. (although the ATM card does have the Visa logo, it cannot be used in stores for point of sale purchases).

To activate your new Visa Debit Card, call 1-866-333-9337.

Don't have a New Dimensions FCU Visa Check Card yet? Print the Visa Debit Card Application below and drop it off at either credit union branch. 

Visa Check Card Application  

EMV Chip Cards

As the United States prepares to adopt the new Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) Technology with credit cards and debit cards, New Dimensions FCU wants to keep you informed and keep you up to date with our conversion!  

Exactly what is EMV Chip Card Technology? Although, it is relatively new to the United States, many international countries have been using this type of secure purchasing since 1994. 

What makes the EMV Chip so secure? All card data is stored on a small microprocessor chip embedded into the plastic of the credit or debit card. When making a purchase, instead of using the traditional swiping of the card that everyone is used to, you will simply dip the card into a terminal equipped to read the special microchip.

Why is this new improved card beneficial? The EMV Chip Card has an enhanced level of fraud protection. By utilizing the specialized microchip, the possibility of the unique card information such as PIN number, Name, Address, to be stolen will be significantly reduced. 

What does this change mean for you? Later this year, members will begin to receive their new EMV Chip Enabled Visa Debit Cards. Be sure to check back to our New Dimensions FCU website for up to date information regarding these new cards.

Check out this video on how to "Dip the Chip" 

Should you have any questions or concerns through the EMV Conversion, please call us at 800-326-6190 or email and we will be more than happy to answer and assist you.

Verified by Visa

Want to protect your Visa card from online predators and thieves? Enroll in the Verified by Visa program to reduce the possibility of fraudsters using your card information to make online purchases. Enrolling is easy, there is no need to get a new card, no need to download software, and there is no cost to use the program. By using the Verified by Visa, you’ll have added security and account protection for your account.