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Shared Branching

The Shared Branch network is an affiliation of credit unions that share over 5,000 branches nationwide. This means that as a member of New Dimensions FCU, you can access your account at other participating credit unions.

Many things that you do at your local branch you can do on the Shared Branch network, such as making deposits and withdrawals, making your loan payments, and purchasing money orders. Your account with New Dimensions FCU must be in good standing and you must know your share account number. Identification and verification is required at any other credit union where you access your account.

There are some transactions that can not be processed through Shared Branching, including:
  • Élan Visa credit card payments
  • CUSO Mortgage payments
  • Prepaid card reloads
  • Opening or closing of new accounts or club accounts
  • Debit card reorders
  • Name and address changes to your accounts
This is not a complete list of items that cannot be done on the Shared Branch network. Please contact us for more information.

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