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New Dimensions FCU places their money on Financial Education

Central Maine’s community can expect to see New Dimensions FCU educating its residents the importance of financial Security!

A new study just released by the National Credit Union Foundation reveals that 58 percent of credit union members are struggling financially, while only about half practice healthy financial habits. These numbers reflect members of all ages and income levels.  This doesn’t come as news to Ryan Poulin, President & CEO of New Dimensions Federal Credit Union (NDFCU), as he notes, “We have been providing financial education services to our members and participating local schools for several years now. The demand for this financial education is very high and we are committed to helping our members achieve their financial goals. Similarly, our hope is that by equipping our young members with real-world financial groundwork, their financial futures will be positively impacted.

With the lack of personal financial education in school curriculums, New Dimensions has increased their efforts in financial literacy by hiring a Director of Financial Education, whose focus is primarily on providing local students in Kennebec and Somerset counties. Additionally, members are offered seminars and classes that teach them budgeting basics such as creating a budget, understanding credit and how it impacts their finances, and tips on buying a car. Tanya Verzoni, Director of Financial Education, works with students at Waterville, Winslow, and Messalonskee High Schools, as well as younger students at George J. Mitchell School and Girl Scouts of America.

Tanya helped our troop understand the difference between needs and wants and how to save money for the future. The presentation helped our troop earn their literacy badge and the girls in Troop #1557 have a new look on what is or isn’t needed. Tanya was able to include all ages and levels and encouraged interactions throughout her discussion. We all loved the stories and games! We look forward to working with her again,” stated Brenda Achorn, Troop Leader. Jason Pellerin, JMG Specialist at Messalonskee High School added, “Tanya’s presentation style was informative and engaging, she uses real-life examples and humor to connect with the students. The subject matter discussed is so important to everyday living after high school. The ‘What is a Credit Score’ presentation may be one of the most ‘real-life’ one-hour lessons a high school student may receive.

Tanya states that she loves working with students noting, “I never had classes in school about understanding credit, the dangers of credit cards, best practices of buying a car, or even basic budgeting. As an adult, I guess I just tried to figure it out as I went along, which was pretty scary at times. As adults, we’ve all made some mistakes with money and I am no different. I share my real-life examples with students hoping that they can learn from my mistakes. These real-life lessons will hopefully help them have a profitable future!

Throughout 2018, New Dimensions Federal Credit Union will continue to offer seminars and educational sessions to our members as well as to local community members.

For more details on financial literacy education, or to request Tanya Verzoni as a speaker at your school or group, visit www.newdimensionsfcu.com or email Tanya at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com.