Money Flying Out Of The Open Window

Are You Throwing Money Out The Window?

When we are grocery shopping, looking for a new sweater in a department store, or even buying a new electronic gadget; we may take the time to read online reviews, perform side by side comparisons, and even use apps to find a better deal. But, when it comes to things like mortgage, home equity loans, house or vehicle insurance, credit card interest rates, cell phone plans, television/cable services, or even banking services such as checking accounts, some people RARELY shop around for a better deal.  Perhaps it’s because these things seem like too big of a chore to tackle in an already crazy schedule? Maybe it’s because we are uncomfortable with change? Whatever the reason, I am hoping I can convince you to make the time to shop around for these products and services because THERE ARE HUGE SAVINGS TO BE HAD IN THESE CATEGORIES!

If I handed you $200, $300 or even $500 would that be meaningful to you?  I highly doubt you would turn it down, right?  (please say no here).  Well, if you are paying high-interest rates on mortgages, home equities, or credit cards you could be THROWING savings like these out the window!  Just a couple of interest points could save you THOUSANDS of dollars per year!  These extra savings could help you pay down debt, increase your emergency savings fund, or plan a vacation that you haven’t been able to take in years.  More cost-effective insurance plans, cell phone plans, and television packages could be costing you less, too.  Isn’t it worth a few hours of your time and a couple of phone calls to put more money back in your pocket?  Even banking services should be reviewed at least annually.  Are you being nickeled and dimed from checking account fees?  Are you earning the most interest possible on your money?  I encourage you to shop around for your best options so that you stop paying unnecessary fees and start earning money. Of course, I can’t resist telling you about our Kasasa accounts, which are free from fees and offer attractive rewards.  Check them out here.

So, if you are living paycheck to paycheck, need to pay down debt, or haven’t been able to increase your savings balance; stop looking under the couch cushions for change and start shopping around for BIG SAVINGS!

Until next time!

~ Tanya

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