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New Dimensions Encourages Our Youth to Save Their Money.

National Credit Union Youth Month starts April 1!

New Dimensions FCU would like to know, what kind of saver is your child? One who gladly saves money, or do you have to formulate a creative scientific plan to get him or her to put money away?

Every saver is unique, but most people who save regularly develop the habit early in life. Teach your children how to save by learning to delay gratification in order to save for long-term goals. This is a crucial life skill that NDFCU is committed to helping our youngest members develop. You can help get your children into the habit by having them cut out pictures of something they’d like to have someday and post the images where they’ll see them often. Then help them open a savings account at New Dimensions FCU. You can open an account with as little as $5. Encourage your child to make regular small deposits each week. Tell them their money will earn interest while it’s in their account. If they keep this routine going, they’ll quickly see their savings grow.

We can help too! Beginning April 1, we will begin participating in the National Youth Savings Challenge. From April 1 through April 30 your child can enter his or her name into a drawing and at the end of the month, CUNA will draw from all participating credit unions. If NDFCU is chosen, we will draw 10 names and each child (under 18) will win $100 each. See Contest Rules for More Information.

That is NOT where the challenge stops! New Dimensions’ will also hold a savings challenge from April 2 through April 27, where we will randomly draw from all children who make a deposit from April 2-April 27. Five winners will be drawn on May 7 and each will win $50 cash, which will be automatically added to his or her account.

We even have a fun planting activity planned for your children on April 27. We encourage you to bring your children into any of our branches on April 27 between 3pm-5pm, so they can see how fun “growing” their money can be (Make sure they are NOT wearing their best clothing. We may get a little dirty.).

By helping your child learn the science behind saving, you’ll help them formulate an effective financial plan when they’re older. If you have a child who is under the age of 18, he or she is welcome to participate in our savings challenges. We have two accounts to choose from depending on his or her age. Our Monty Moose Youth account is for 0-11 years of age. Our Take Charge Youth account is for those who are 12 to 17 (up to their 18th birthday).

Contact us at (800) 326-6190 or by emailing to learn more.

*This Challenge is open to all youth under the age of 18–NO purchase necessary to enter. A Deposit is not necessary to enter drawings.