Group Of People Sitting A Tables For Dinner

Our Family Continues to Grow at New Dimensions!

Normally, I use this blog to give you financial tips that are intended to either save you money or to help you reach your financial goals. However, this week, I would like to use this platform to “pull back the curtain”, so to speak, to let you know what’s been happening “behind the scenes” here at New Dimensions Federal Credit Union.

As you may already know, New Dimensions is expanding! On April 1, 2018, Taconnet’s merger with us will be complete! Among the many benefits, our members will now enjoy access to four convenient locations in Waterville, Winslow, Augusta, and Skowhegan. We will be staffed with even more knowledgeable, caring employees who excel in member service and are dedicated to improving your banking experience every day. Similarly, we are able to offer even more products and services, free ATM locations, competitive rates and fees, and more.

There are so many details to consider when merging two financial institutions—more than you’d probably think. As you can imagine, the list of physical details to complete is enormous and critically important to a successful, seamless merger. Matter of fact, we have employees working seven days a week to make sure all these important details are taken care of and everything is ready to go. I think what I have been most impressed with is the focus on people – members and employees alike. Our senior management team has made it abundantly clear that the most important details are the tasks surrounding member service! The amount of time scheduled to train and support the staff, at all locations, has been productive and thorough. Our weekly training sessions have been both informative and fun as we get to know each other. Last week all staff was invited to a “Meet and Greet” dinner event designed to allow everyone time to get to know each other. We discussed our hobbies, our kids, pets, and more. As we ate dinner, there was a lot of laughter that filled the room and, as we parted for the evening, a lot of hugs and handshakes, too. Often, mergers are cold, corporate decisions with no thought on how these decisions affect people. This is truly not the case here at NDFCU. Our members and staff are considered our most valuable asset.

So, beginning April 2, when you visit any one of our branches, we think you will notice a united, even stronger and devoted team who is incredibly thankful for your business. You’ll never be just a number here; you are an important member of our growing family.

Until next time!