Photo Of Pencils With Teenagers

5 Ways To Get The Kids Back To School In Style..

…without breaking the bank!

With the last bell of the school year, kids will be racing down the halls ready to start Summer vacation. As a parent, you may be excited about all the Summer memories that you and your family will create this season, too! But before you head out to the beach, campground or relax in the backyard, here are 5 cost-saving tips I want to share with you, which can save you money on back to school shopping in August.

  1. The backpack purge – On the last day of school, have your child help you clean out his/her backpack. Are there supplies that can be saved and reused next year? Barely used pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, glue, markers, colored pencils, and notebooks can be stored and used again when school starts! Rulers, calculators, pencil cases and scissors can also be saved. Has your child outgrown the supplies? Hand them down to your younger child, give them to a friend with younger children, or donate them to a local after-school program or homeless shelter. These kind deeds can make a big difference for many children in need.
  2. Jazz up the backpack – If your child’s backpack and lunch bag are still in good condition, scrub it down with mild detergent or a Magic Eraser, air dry and reuse it!  If your child wants a “fresh new look” to their bags, let him/her add stickers, drawings, rhinestones and more items from the craft store. Colored duct tape is trendy, too. A few craft supplies will give the bags a cool facelift and will cost less than buying new ones!
  3. Sort through school clothes – Are there pants, jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and shoes that will still fit your child in a few months? Launder those items and store them away until Fall. If your child is growing like a weed, consign the current clothing with a local shop and get credit towards new clothes in late August. Or, host a clothing party with neighbors and friends and swap sizes. This could be a fun afternoon activity.
  4. Set your back to school budget NOW and save – Saving for back to school clothes and supplies should start now. Even though it seems like a long time before the school bus arrives on your street, you’ll likely start shopping in about 8 or 9 weeks…yikes! Set a budget amount for each child based on what he/she will absolutely need and set aside money weekly to meet the goal. This method will help you avoid the “back to school budget shock.”
  5. Scope out the sales – Take advantage of Summer clearance sales to get the best deals on clothing. It’s still fairly warm in September so, purchasing sweaters can wait a bit – wait for sales.

Whether you’re taking day trips in our beautiful state or vacationing elsewhere, I would LOVE to see photos of where you and your family go this summer!  Please feel free to send me your pictures by email at

Have fun and be safe!  Until next time…