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More reasons to be happy school is starting again…

I haven’t been THIS excited for school to start in decades! What has me so excited?  Well, I just returned from a fantastic financial education boot camp where I spent the day with teachers and educators from around our region learning fun, innovative ways to teach personal finance to high school students so they can comprehend it and relate it to their current situation, as well as, prepare for all the challenges that they will face as adults.

I’m even more motivated to assist our local teachers this year because of the recent survey results that were shared at the conference by Next Gen Personal Finance. * (NGPF). They completed a nationwide survey of 13 million students across 11,000 high schools to find out who had access to financial education in America today. Sadly, the results showed that only 1 in 6 students received financial education, 1 in 12 for low-income schools, and only 5 states in the US have personal finance coursework as a statewide mandate—and Maine was not one of them. The reality for Maine students is that less than 10 percent of the schools have a personal finance graduation requirement. At NDFCU, we make it a priority to instruct students in crafting budgets and understand good credit habits from a young age so that they can become financially secure adults, who are able to avoid costly mistakes that may have life-long consequences.

This school year, I encourage you to take the time to ask your child’s guidance counselor, teachers or school administrators what personal finance classes are available to your child. If he/she is not able to access adequate financial education, I invite you to contact me directly. As part of our mission, New Dimensions Federal Credit Union is committed to educating our members (of all ages) with personal finance guidance and best practices. I would be happy to schedule a session with you and your child to discuss the importance of saving money, budgeting basics, or another financial topic that would help your child to further his/her financial education. We even have access to fun computer games that can be used to understand more challenging financial topics. Kids love video games, right? Also, watch our monthly newsletter and social media pages for our FREE evening seminars, which tackle topics such as budgeting, understanding credit, first-time homebuyer tips, home energy savings and more!

Enjoy the last couple of weeks of Summer vacation, then let’s sharpen our bright yellow, number 2 pencils and look forward to a fun and productive school year!

Until next time!

~ Tanya


*Next Gen Personal Finance is a non-profit organization that connects educators with free resources, professional development, and advocacy tools in order to equip students with the knowledge and skills to lead financially successful and fulfilling lives.