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Winter Blues Concept Photo

Got the Winter Blues?

The key is finding fun, yet inexpensive, ways to pass the time until Spring arrives!

This time of year is difficult for many of us who suffer from the Winter blues. With the lack of sunshine, bitter temperatures, snow & ice, and the feeling of being “cooped up,” it can make anyone feel more than a little tense! After a conversation with Katie, my colleague in the Winslow branch, I thought it would be a great idea to create a list of no-cost activities which could make a weekend fun AND save money, too!

Here are some ideas to consider:

FREE public events – Check out the event section of local newspapers or their websites to see what free activities are happening in your community. Additionally, Facebook has an events page for your local area. Another great resource to check out is the Mid-Maine Chamber’s online event calendar: https://midmainechamber.com/cms/event-calendar/

Create snow art – Mix food coloring or Kool-Aid packets with water in empty spray bottles or sports water bottles and create colorful art with the snow!  Choose a theme and invite friends over for a friendly competition.

Visit your local library – Borrow books, movies, music and more from your local library.  Sometimes it can be fun to explore the library – you never know what you’ll find!

Declutter – A new Netflix show, Tidying Up, with host Marie Kondo is inspiring many people to declutter closets, drawers and entire rooms. Try tackling a few areas yourself.  You could donate unused items and sell some to make money.

Meditation – Enjoy some peace and quiet with some mindful meditation. There are several apps and websites with instructions on meditating and they even feature some peaceful music, too.

Bake and visit – Bake cookies or a sweet treat from ingredients you already have on hand and deliver them to an elderly neighbor. I’m sure they would appreciate the visit, too.

Create a new recipe – Challenge yourself to create a new recipe from items that you have on hand.  Invite family or friends over for a game night and to taste your new creation.

Volunteer – Many local non-profits could use your talents, skills and time. Make a difference in your community by getting involved.

Learn a new skill or language – Check out YouTube videos or free online resources to learn a something new. This is a great idea for couples and families, too.

Workout – Develop a new indoor workout routine using household objects, chairs, and stairs.  Burning a few calories and increasing your endorphins can help cure the Winter blues.

I’d love to hear your ideas for “no spend weekends!”  Please send me an email at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com.

Until next time

~ Tanya