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3 Little Girls In A Classroom Raising Their Hand

Financial Education Made for All Ages

Nothing illustrates New Dimensions FCU’s mission to EDUCATE. EMPOWER. EVOLVE. more than our commitment to teaching members of every age.

Throughout 2018, our financial education efforts impacted the lives of nearly 1,000 members, local students, community members, and employee groups. We hosted one-on-one budgeting sessions, credit counseling sessions, and in-house seminars which allowed many of our members to pay off debt, build emergency savings, and even rebuild credit that allowed some to purchase vehicles and others to become first time home buyers.

Educating kindergarten through 12th-grade students throughout Kennebec and Somerset counties with a variety of age-appropriate financial tips and best practices was rewarding to us and liberating to them. Many were eager to learn and build their financial toolboxes so that they could start building good money habits now. As a result, students have visited the credit union to open their first ever accounts and have told us that they have a solid understanding of the difference between “wants and needs.”

Our community outreach efforts continued through our unique “Eat, Learn & Prosper” financial program, which enabled local businesses to call on us to provide financial education luncheons to their employees for free. Because of these valuable classes, our membership grew, and we were able to assist our newest members with consolidating their high-interest debts and plan stable financial futures.

Similarly, the financial education sessions held at the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter and Mid-Maine Regional Adult Community Education proved invaluable to all participants who needed a hands-on approach to effectively handle their finances. We have seen many individuals grow their knowledge enough to make a difference in their lives and that is what it’s all about to us.

NDFCU is committed to providing financial education to its members and communities in which we serve. If you would like more information on confidential financial counseling or Eat Learn and Prosper luncheons, please contact Tanya Verzoni, Director of Financial Education, at (207) 313-5924 or by email at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com.