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Flowers, Sun, Cutout People

Join Us in April for Our “Team Teal” Savings Challenge!

Spring is here! I don’t know about you, but I never thought we would see it again! I have sworn off boots and jackets as of now – wish me luck!

The new season and promise of warmer weather, sunny days and fresh air has put a “pep” in my step and I’m excited to announce a fun, interactive way of saving money to reach financial goals! Many of my colleagues at NDFCU (AKA Team Teal) are joining together to help each other save money…and we are hoping YOU and your family will join us!

Beginning Monday, April 1st, several Team Teal folks from each branch will begin saving money each week by making small (but impactful) changes in our daily activities such as brewing our own coffee at home or work instead of visiting a coffee shop, bringing brown bag lunches instead of going out to lunch, meal planning so that we can make better meals at home to reduce dining out for dinner, reducing online shopping, and a couple of employees are even going to stop smoking!! That is such an awesome commitment, which will have health benefits, too. We truly have a team of rock stars here!

The amount we save each week will be updated via our social media channels so, be sure to “like” us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram or Twitter so that you can keep up with the Team Teal Savings Challenge. On April 30th, we will calculate our final total.  At that point, each team member will take their savings sum and add it to their own emergency saving accounts, pay down existing debt or add it to a club account to save for specific goals like vacations, Christmas expenses and more!

If you would like to participate and save along with Team Teal during the month of April, please email me at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com and let me know what changes you will make to save money, the dollar amount it will help you save, and what you will do with the savings.

Oh, we will be proving you with some extra savings tips all month long through social media and entertaining you with a couple of behind the scenes videos, too!

Happy Saving!

Until next time,

~ Tanya