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People At Events

When It Comes to Fundraising…We Reach for The Stars.

Something special happened within the walls of New Dimensions last year as we planned our events for 2018. During that time our team culture advanced and became strong and impactful. We stepped up, we flourished, and we succeeded together. We worked hard to gain insight into each other so that we could work together as a unified team. We wanted to be the best versions of ourselves, so we worked hard to make a difference, because we wanted you, our members, to be proud.

As always, we are committed to providing excellent member service to every single member, whether that servitude mentality is at one of our branches or out in the community, we work for you! Because we know our community needs us to be a helpful neighbor and financial partner, each year we work out the details of a yearlong plan of events that include soup days, harvest fests, book sales, a car show, and more. The passion among the entire staff, as each event is planned and executed, is not only exciting but so incredibly inspiring. Even more than that is the energy our members exude when they attend our events. We couldn’t be more thrilled and prouder of our generous and caring members who invest so much each year. Whether they are paying for 50/50 raffle tickets, a gift card calendar, or the many gifts they return to our Giving tree during Christmas each year, they know they are contributing to a much bigger cause, and they never hesitate.

Look for the hashtag #teamteal in 2019 as a representation of our commitment to being superstars in the world of volunteering and fundraising because we want to make every possible effort to ease the lives of the people in our community. We are proud of what we do to serve our members every day, and with each act of kindness we extend to our community, we make a difference.

Similarly, in 2018, NDFCU contributed to area businesses who were looking for funding that would impact the community in positive leaps and bounds. We happily supported several area schools, nursing homes, local libraries, KVCAP, the Alfond Youth Center, and more; all of which exhibited tremendous effort to help feed families in need, provide scholarships, school supplies, and winter clothing for children in need, as well as other worthy causes.