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Team Teal Savings Challenge Results: Small things/Big Impact

Hi everyone!

I have exciting news to share! Throughout April, many NDFCU employees participated in the Team Teal Savings Challenge, which was part of April’s Youth Month and National Financial Literacy celebration. Each week, we were challenged to save money by making small (but impactful) changes in our daily activities such as brewing our own coffee at home or work instead of visiting a coffee shop, bringing brown bag lunches instead of going out to lunch, meal planning so that we could make better meals at home hence reducing dining out costs, reducing online shopping, etc. At the end of April, we tallied the total savings from all participants. Drumroll, please……. collectively, we saved $2,188.28!! I am so proud of Team Teal! Trust me, it wasn’t easy in the beginning as old habits are sometimes hard to break. Some of us grumbled and complained a bit (no names will be mentioned here. *) as we navigated through this challenge, but there were some surprising conclusions that are worth sharing.

Molly Woodward, our business development officer, saved the most money, $320.77, by cutting out all unnecessary purchases which included one of her favorite things…chicken nuggets for lunch. Molly states, “Through this savings challenge I came to realize how much money I was genuinely wasting every single week. I changed simple things such as making coffee at home, eating dinner and preparing snacks at home. I want a lot of things, but I don’t need those things to truly be happy. I pushed myself to save utilizing self-discipline which is something I never did before. Because of this challenge, I am more mindful regarding my spending habits.

Jessica Losh, our commercial loan servicer, added, “The savings challenge really helped open my eyes to how much I was spending on fast food breakfasts. I entered the challenge to save a few extra bucks, but I ended up not only saving money, but I have also lost weight! I plan to continue my new habits even though the challenge is over.”

We also hosted a food drive in April to benefit our local food pantries. Stephanie Lachance, our mortgage and commercial loan officer, took her savings from the challenge and purchased non-perishable food to add to the drive! Stephanie notes, “I save all of my change and one dollar bills weekly and then I use those funds to make donations. I love being able to donate to help others!”

I will end by thanking my “Team Teal-mates” and members who joined us in this challenge. I was reminded that the small things really do add up to make a BIG impact!

Until next time…

~ Tanya