Sledding People

Kid Activities on a Budget

School vacation is right around the corner! Let us help you beat the boredom with some budget-friendly activities!


Holiday lights! Pack some snacks, a thermos of hot cocoa, fill up the car, and you’re off! Keep children busy by having them keep track of their favorites.

Sledding! Invite some friends, dress warm, and grab a sled, it’s time to hit the slopes. Race each other to the bottom!

Make snow angels and snowman!
 Nothing like getting all bundled up and playing around like when we were kids so be sure to join your children outside! Adding food coloring and water in a spray bottle allows you to create a winter wonderland!

This is a fun and healthy way to get outside and enjoy the winter landscape and discover new trails.

Campfires and s’ mores!
Not just a summer activity. Bundle up and enjoy a fire and some s’ mores any time of year!

Ice skating!
 A great way to have fun both inside and outside. Bundle up the kids and their friends and get out on the ice!

Day Dates!
Lunch and a matinee are a budget-friendly alternative to dinner and a movie.

Night Dates!
 Getting dressed for a night out on the town, try a play at the local theater.

Game night! 
Invite friends and family over for a potluck dinner and games.

Turn your living room into a perfect picnic spot. Have the kids grab a towel to sit on, their lunchboxes and enjoy!

Gingerbread house!
Whether you start from scratch or out of a kit it’s all about having fun! Invite your kids’ friends over and then have them all vote for their favorite!

Pizza for dinner! 
Have the kids create their own pizzas for dinner! 


Have any budget-friendly activities? We’d love to hear them, send them to Carrielyn Reynolds at