Central Maine Main Streets

Our Business Members Positively Impacted Our Local Economy in 2019

At New Dimensions FCU we have proudly served our new, as well as existing, businesses for more than 60 years! In 2019, we met with community members, business owners, and business support programs who shared their needs and the ways in which we could assist them in serving our local communities. It was our plan and commitment to connect with every tradesperson, businessperson, and self-starter who wanted the opportunity to work with us, and because of the extra steps we took to assist them, we were able to build strong lasting relationships. Additionally, in 2019 we incorporated innovative convenience solutions to our business offerings with top-rated services like merchant processing, payroll services, lending and deposit technologies, and competitive credit card products. At New Dimensions FCU we strive to cover the various needs of every business member.

In 2019, we witnessed over 30 businesses in our community expand. This expansion contributed to such tremendous growth that many were able to create new jobs that positively impacted our local economy. Because we know that our business owners are busy, our business development officer, Molly Woodward gladly accommodates them by visiting their locations and connecting with them “where they are” to support and act as a financial partner in their financial journey. With every interaction, the credit union builds strong relationships while making a viable difference in the growing business community.

Similarly, we know that our members have many options for financial institution partnerships, we work hard to stand out and above all the rest. We choose a relationship approach because we truly care about you and your goals. Our relationship approach also gives our members a friendly face who they know well as a trusted partner in times of need. As a full-service credit union, NDFCU strives to bring the highest quality products and services and we are not afraid to utilize all available resources to benefit our members. We appreciate all the business you have done with us in 2019 and we hope to achieve even more in the coming year.

As a sneak-peek into 2020, New Dimensions FCU will change our business account fee structure to better fit the membership needs and we invite you to contact us to learn more about these important changes. Our community was built by small businesses and through every handshake and positive interaction, a stronger partnership is made. The Credit Union will continue to focus our relationship building in 2020 and we look forward to growing with each of you.