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Family Around Firepit Toasting Marshmellows

Experiencing Summer on a Budget!

Creating new and exciting memories doesn’t have to cost a lot!

With the start of summer, many people are staying home instead of vacationing in other states or countries. In fact, because of the current events of 2020, a staycation may not be a bad idea. Staying home can be fun, restful, and you will save a ton of money [for perhaps an even better vacation next year]. You will have to be creative, but here are 5 ideas that will keep you busy this summer, provide some fun and relaxation, and save your budget.


Looking to make some updates to your home? Update your living space with a fresh coat of paint, add a beautiful slipcover to your sofa, or refinish some old furniture. As for the outside of your home, you could add a patio or deck, an above ground pool, or build a fire pit area with seating and inexpensive outdoor lights to make your entertaining complete.

Themed dinner

Hosting weekly or monthly themed dinners can be a lot of fun and educational at the same time. You can really engage your family by having each member of your family choose cuisine from any country or nationality and then have them research the culture, clothing, ways, and customs of each place—and everyone has to do their best to come to dinner dressed in the chosen “theme”. You could even do an “award” for the best representation. How fun and interesting would that be? Plus, this could really expand the menu in your household.

Outdoor movie

Set up a white sheet [or use the side of your house] and a movie projector and boom, you have moving night—Outside! Grab a few blankets, a comfy chair, and some snacks! It is your own private outdoor movie theater. Consider inviting your favorite neighborhood families.

Camping [in your back yard]

Set up a tent or two, gather some firewood, and enjoy your private campsite! Cooking over an open fire, eating hotdogs, and making smores are a few favorites. You could relax and search for shooting stars, create an outdoor scavenger hunt, sing campfire songs, and tell stories. The best part of camping in your back yard is the proximity to your house. Indoor plumbing, forgotten supplies, and if any of the campers get cold or scared, it’s an easy move back into the house.

Go Outside!

Getting outside and back to nature can be wonderful for your body and mind. Exploring the hiking/walking trails throughout our great state can lead to the most breathtaking views, wildlife sightings, and fun adventures you have ever seen. Maine is filled with lakes and ponds just waiting to be explored and if you are fond of kayaking, canoeing, or boating; you may experience Maine from a whole new perspective.

Send me an email telling me about the creative things you are planning to do this summer. You could even send us your summertime adventure photos so we can enjoy them with you. Whether you are doing work around the house, watching an outdoor movie, or hiking, we hope you have a safe and memory-filled summer. As always if you are looking to craft a budget to help meet your financial goals or you are looking to increase your credit score please contact me at creynolds@newdimensionsfcu.com or (207) 872-2771.