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Supporting our Community

Ask us what Team Teal means to us and we will likely talk about giving back to our community through the fundraising efforts of our Social Responsibility Committee.  Team Teal, as we have come to refer to ourselves, is more than a Social Responsibility Committee though. Though we pride ourselves on being an organization that positively impacts our community by supporting friends and neighbors who need it the most, we also love what we do every day that improves Maine’s Ending Hunger Campaign, Special Olympics Maine, and Maine Children’s Cancer Program. We feel rewarded and fulfilled by the work that we do to help others.

2020 brought some unique challenges that forced us to postpone some fundraising events and to reimagine others. We were unable to host our popular, and always successful, soup days and bake sales due to concerns with the pandemic. Our annual yard sale went virtual, and we tested out some new ideas, including Santa Dollars and themed basket raffles. Although the year presented many obstacles, challenges, and an uncertain economy, we were determined to maintain the true credit union spirit of “People Helping People” by raising a total of $24,493.97. We are excited to make this announcement because even with the number of challenges we faced, our employees, board, and you – our members, really made a difference. That difference will feed more people in our local area; enable and include those with intellectual disabilities, and help with childhood cancer in Maine.

Through this dedication and perseverance, four wonderful and deserving organizations received support again this year. With great pride, we presented the Maine Children’s Cancer Program (MCCP) with $3,114.78, Special Olympics Maine with $8,178.62, the MECUL’s Ending Hunger Campaign with $11,458.07, and CULAC with $1,742.50. Many thanks to you, our members, and supporters, for helping us make a significant impact within our community.

So, what is up next in 2021? We have leaped into our fundraising goals for 2021 and set an enthusiastic goal of $30,000. Our creative and hardworking team has already begun scheduling events and is exploring new opportunities in preparation for a successful and fruitful year of fundraising. They say, “It takes a village”, and we believe with your continued help, our village can achieve anything.