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New Update:

Click below for more information on the economic relief payments.

I recently visited New Dimensions for a personal loan, and they made it possible for me to pay for unanticipated expenses that led to a happy and life-changing transformation in our family.  Thank you New Dimensions!

I have been a member of New Dimensions for 12 years and I have to say that my experience has always been very positive with their employees. This is by far my favorite credit union!


Throughout all of this craziness, we are in right now, I believe NDFCU should be very proud of themselves. They are managing to stay ahead of everything and are doing a great job. They were able to really help me about 10 years ago and they have done it again. I think people should know what a great job you all are doing. ~Charlie Brown

person filling gas tank

Are gas prices getting to you, too?

As gas prices continue to rise, we are all feeling the strain on our budgets. If you are like me and spend most of your time driving, you have a firsthand account of the prices creeping up. I know for me, between my commute to and from work and playing the role of an Uber driver for my children, I am always looking for the least expensive gas prices in the area. After doing some research to see where and how I can save and stretch the miles between fill-ups, here is what I found

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