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Financial Education is the steppingstone to Financial Success!

Hello! I’m Carrielyn Reynolds and I’m the Financial Education Coordinator for New Dimensions Federal Credit Union! I am very excited to work with our wonderful credit union members as well as the local area students to help them understand why financial education is so important. I have over 9 years of banking experience including assisting customers with crafting effective household budgets and credit repair sessions, as well as, teaching financial best practices at local community seminars. Helping people reach their financial goals is a wonderful feeling for both me and the individuals/families I work with!

I am originally from Connecticut, but moved to central Maine when I was little, so I consider myself a Maine girl! I live in the Plymouth area with my 2 children, Dean and Hailey, and our dog, Aspen, who is quite the mix (Black Lab, Boxer, Poodle)! Being a single mom, I know from personal experience how busy life can get and how sometimes finding a $2 off coupon in my wallet that hasn’t expired is like seeing that the stars have lined up just for me and the purchase I am about to make! I’m always looking for a good deal so anytime I don’t have to pay full price on an item is like money in my pocket.

I would like to welcome you to “Carrielyn’s Savings Sense”, a new informational financial blog that will feature financial money-saving and time-saving tips, quick low-cost recipes, and other resources that will assist you along your financial journey. Additionally, I’d love to hear from you about any tips, questions, topic ideas or any solutions or tips that have worked for you that you’d like to share with others. Please send your money saving tips and ideas to Creynolds@newdimensionsfcu.com and I will do my best to work them into this blog on a regular basis.

I look forward to getting to know all of you!

~ Carrielyn

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