If you want to be in a different place with money than you are today, you have to think and act differently.” – Dave Ramsey

I absolutely love that quote. It’s simple yet, it requires a lot of thought and most importantly action.

Hi, I’m Tanya Verzoni, Director of Financial Education at New Dimensions Federal Credit Union. I get the pleasure of working with our local students in classroom settings helping them learn things like budgeting, balancing a checkbook, how to save money, how to buy their first car, and how to understand credit. Likewise, I help credit union members with the same topics and other things like how to buy a home, repair their credit and save for their future. It’s really an awesome deal – I get paid to help people realize their dreams!

I’m a “townie,” born and raised in central Maine. I’ve lived most of my life here except for a short-time away in North Carolina while my husband was in the Army. I am the proud Mama of two four-legged kids, Kalley (shelter pup) and Lady (rescue pup from Alabama). They are both black Labrador retrievers that are brilliant and gorgeous – hey, a mother can brag, right? I love to cook for my family (I’ll sneak some recipes in my blog occasionally), shop (wisely), and I really like making wine – rose is my favorite variety!

So, welcome to my blog “Tanya’s Two Cents.” This is a place where you can visit and get money saving tips, ideas, and articles that are intended to improve your financial well-being. I have made my own mistakes with money (haven’t we all?) and have learned a few things that I hope will help you, too. I would like this blog to be interactive so, please send me your questions, ideas, and feedback and most importantly; suggestions on topics you’d like to know more about.

Make it a great day – 😊


Tanya Verzoni photo

I want to thank Tanya for all the help and encouragement she has given me.  I heard her do a presentation at the KVHRA breakfast this winter and I realized that she is a force of nature!  THIS is the type of person I need in my life to help me get organized.  She put me on track and called me out on things I needed to be called out on.  Her honesty and ability to make me still feel good about myself is a very special talent.

Tanya put me in touch with Jennifer, who was so unbelievably wonderful to me.  She was so good at explaining my options and what she thought would work best for my life and income.  I am so pleased that she was there to help.  She spoke English to me not banker and I was able to make a sound decision.  Jennifer also walked me through the process so easy and was extremely patient with me.  She made the whole process simple and gave me confidence that I had made a great decision.

I am so pleased with how I have been treated at NDFCU and I am so proud to be a member.  This is my first experience with a Credit Union and I don’t know what took so long.

Thank you and I look forward to being with you all a long time.


~Julie B.

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