Since Youth Month is about financial education we decided it would be a great idea to involve our K-12 local students in a fun and educational scavenger hunt during the month of April. Plus, with everything going on, we know parents are looking for fun activities while homeschooling their children. [and parents can play, too].

How to play:

  • Every Monday in April the scavenger hunt questions will be uploaded to this page by grade level/age.
  • Explore our website to find and answer the questions!
  • Email your answers from the scavenger hunt along with your name, address, and grade level to by 12 pm on Friday.
  • All entries with the correct answers will be put into a drawing.
  • The winner will receive some New Dimensions FCU swag!

Here is the exciting part, the more you participate, the better the swag!

Grades Pre-k – 4th

Find the magic bunny throughout our website and tell me where you found them! [hint: there are 5 hidden bunnies].

Grades 5th – 8th


  1. How many personal savings accounts do we have at New Dimensions FCU?
  2. How many personal checking accounts do we have at New Dimensions FCU?
  3. Where would you put money that isn’t used for everyday spending?
  4. What do the 3 E’s stand for?
  5. How many New Dimensions FCU locations are there?

Grades 9th – 12th


  1. Where are the 4 Branches of New Dimensions FCU located?
  2. Which savings account is for members 0-18?
  3. What Checking account is for members 12 to 18?
  4. How many credit cards does New Dimensions offer?
  5. What is the maximum loan amount on a FICO Fit loan?

Adults 18 and older


  1. What is the minimum opening deposit for a Share Certificate?
  2. What loan does New Dimensions FCU have to help establish good credit?
  3. What is the APY on balances up to $15,000 on the Kasasa Cash checking?
  4. What is the program called where New Dimensions FCU goes into businesses and discusses Financial Education?
  5. Where are New Dimensions FCU branches located?