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imagesq8f85nzcNew Dimensions FCU offers the latest mobile technology making financial transactions even more convenient!

Introducing our new Person to Person Transfer (P2P) that can be done using your mobile phone and your NDFCU Mobile Account. Now getting money to your loved ones can be done anytime, anywhere and is as simple as a few keystrokes from your phone.

P2P transfers are a convenient way for members to transfer funds to individuals through your NDFCU Mobile Account.

  • All you need is the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number.
  • The intended recipient can open a PayPal account to receive the funds and does not need an account before the transfer.
  • PayPal allows 30 days to claim the money. If after 30 days the intended recipient hasn’t claimed the money, it is returned to you automatically.
  • $1.00 transfer fee, well below the cost of sending a wire transfer.
  • Daily and weekly limits apply.
    • $500 per day for a first-time recipient
    • $1500 per day for established accounts
    • $4000 per week maximum


Example Mobile Phone Transaction if a person wanted to send a recipient $100, the transaction would cost the sender a total of $101 with the added $1.00 fee. This feature is not only convenient, but it is also an inexpensive way of getting money to another person fast.

*Please Note: It is important that you enter accurate information when performing a mobile P2P transaction!  Be sure to verify all phone numbers, email addresses, names, and that the transfer amount is accurate. PayPal has recently updated its refund process, which requires accurate information.  Inaccurate information will delay or even prevent a refund.  For more information, please refer to PayPal’s user agreement.