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At NDFCU, we consider our members our biggest and best asset. With everything we do each day, we have you in mind~first and foremost. We want you to know that it brings us tremendous joy when we hear about the positive experiences you have had with us.

Recently we have added hashtag #TeamTeal to indicate our focus on our members, our community responsibility, and the people who reside in those communities. We ask that you share all of your experiences with us by leaving your feedback below. Let us know how #TeamTeal impacted you or a loved one or just let us know your feelings about your overall experience with New Dimensions. You can also email us at info@newdimensionsfcu.com or contact us directly at (800) 326-6190.

We value your opinion and we are very interested in any feedback you’d like to provide. You have a voice that will be heard at New Dimensions FCU!

From member, Afton P.

I recently visited New Dimensions for a personal loan, and they made it possible for me to pay for unanticipated expenses that led to a happy and life-changing transformation in our family.  Thank you New Dimensions!

From member, Phillip Nadeau ~October 2020

I have been a member of New Dimensions for 12 years and I have to say that my experience has always been very positive with their employees. This is by far my favorite credit union!


From Member, Charlie Brown ~ May 2020

Throughout all of this craziness, we are in right now, I believe NDFCU should be very proud of themselves. They are managing to stay ahead of everything and are doing a great job. They were able to really help me about 10 years ago and they have done it again. I think people should know what a great job you all are doing. ~Charlie Brown

From Member Linda Morrissette ~ December 2019

I love New Dimensions! Their staff is so polite, helpful, and always greets you with a smile. When you need a loan they always go above and beyond to make it happen in a timely manner. I have been a member for a long time and proud to be so. A great job to all the staff. ~ Linda Morrissette

From Patrick Burns ~ December 2019

I have been a member of New Dimensions FCU for almost 50 years and have always had excellent experiences. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Kayla, a teller at the Winslow branch, and found her to be very helpful and patient. Kayla went above and beyond to make sure all of my needs were taken care of and I really appreciated that. I think she is an amazing representative of New Dimensions and made my experience. yet again, a great one. ~Patrick Burns

From Andre Lachance ~ November 2019

NDFCU has stood by me since my first car loan and continues to find ways to help with my financial situation. Wouldn’t be where I am today without this awesome team of people.

From Becky Adams ~ November 2019

A fantastic institution that does so much for the community!

From Member Linda Pelotte ~ November 2019

I have been a member of New Dimensions for over 30 years and cannot say enough about what a wonderful group of people work there. Very pleasant, professional, and helpful.

From Member, Richard Dailey ~ October 2019

I had the opportunity a month ago to work with Mrs. Farmer, at the Skowhegan branch, on a couple of personal loans. The commitment and professionalism to get this done in such a short time were greatly appreciated–as I was on a tight timeframe. It is truly a pleasure to have such dedicated and friendly professionals, as Mrs. Framer and NDFCU, to help with my financial needs.


From Teacher, Beth Hillier on July 29, 2019

“Tanya and Molly’s presentation to our UMF Upward Bound students was invaluable! They took a “boring” topic and had those kids engaged for the entire hour we had available. The students found information informative yet applicable and it was presented in the “language” they could relate to. I will definitely be asking them to return next year!!”

Beth Hillier, Teacher

From Member, Julie B. -June 10, 2019

I want to thank Tanya for all the help and encouragement she has given me.  I heard her do a presentation at the KVHRA breakfast this winter and I realized that she is a force of nature!  THIS is the type of person I need in my life to help me get organized.  She put me on track and called me out on things I needed to be called out on.  Her honesty and ability to make me still feel good about myself is a very special talent.

Tanya put me in touch with Jennifer, who was so unbelievably wonderful to me.  She was so good at explaining my options and what she thought would work best for my life and income.  I am so pleased that she was there to help.  She spoke English to me not banker and I was able to make a sound decision.  Jennifer also walked me through the process so easy and was extremely patient with me.  She made the whole process simple and gave me confidence that I had made a great decision.

I am so pleased with how I have been treated at NDFCU and I am so proud to be a member.  This is my first experience with a Credit Union and I don’t know what took so long.

Thank you and I look forward to being with you all a long time.

Best, Julie B.

From Business Member Tim Downing, President of Duratherm Window – April 11, 2019

Tanya Verzoni’s, ‘Eat, Learn, and Prosper’ seminar on understanding credit and avoiding pitfalls was AWESOME and resonated well with our employee group–as indicated by achieving almost 100% attendance. Tanya’s ability to connect with our team using a personal financial presentation and making it not only informative but entertaining is a true testament to her comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. More importantly, her gift of public speaking and making a connection with her audience motivates me to highly recommend employers take advantage of this valuable (and free) resource to educate their employees.

~  Tim Downing, President, Duratherm Window

From Business Member, Tina Chapman (Kennebec Behavior Health)-March 2019

KBH launched a new Wellness Program about a year ago. Our wellness team felt very strongly that financial literacy and financial wellness should be included in our work plan because it is integral to one’s overall well-being. We invited Tanya from NDFCU to come to our agency to offer two financial literacy, “Eat, Learn & Prosper” sessions.

Who knew learning about budgeting and credit could be so much fun! Tanya was so knowledgeable and very engaging. She presented the information in such a fun and positive way with real-life examples and take-a-ways that people could use immediately. Our staff still talk about it and we’re hoping to offer the sessions again this year.

From Member, Denise Rancourt LaFrance-March 2019

New Dimensions employees always have a smile and make you feel welcome. They always go the extra mile for you whatever you may need. 🙂

From Samantha Veilleux (RSU18)- March 2019

I can not say enough positive things about Tanya working with my students through the Junior Achievement program. She was clearly prepared and knowledgeable about the topics. My students were completely engaged, using financial and business terminology and having a ton of fun while doing it all. I would highly recommend Tanya to teach this program again.

From Member, Raye Wentworth- February 2019

I wanted to thank NDFCU’s Loan Department for the quick response and work on your end that allowed my husband and I to have the check in hand is less than 24 hours!!!

You are truly great to work with and greatly appreciated.


From Member Caitlin – February 2019

When one of our members found out her personal information was being used by another, she called New Dimensions FCU to help her through the steps of quickly securing her information.

I want to thank Rachel for all her help over the last week. This was a nightmare to wake up to, but her calm demeanor and quick work did much to ease my anxiety. I am so happy I chose New Dimensions as my FCU 7 years ago because over and over again, Rachel and her team have helped me with superb professionalism and kindness.


Martha Wentworth from GHM Insurance Agency- February 2019

Eat, Learn and Prosper workplace luncheon was delicious, educational and inspiring. I would strongly recommend your employees take advantage of this service. Tanya makes the time fun & purposeful!

From Members, Roy & Meredith Vashon-January 2019

It has been a pleasure doing business with the Credit Union for many years. Happy New Year!

January 2, 2019

~ Roy & Meredith Vashon

From Member, Heather Merrow

June 28, 2018

Walking into the Credit Union is like attending a reunion everyone saying Hello and greeting me with a smile, friendly face and sometimes a Hug. What a cheery place to go!!! I feel bad for those who do online banking and never get to experience such positive upbeat customer service.

Thank you all!!!

From Member, Celeste

June 25, 2018

Taking the free budgeting seminar at NDFCU was the BEST decision of my life!  I discovered through the class that I was able to use the equity in my home to pay off all my high-interest debt which saved me HUNDREDS of dollars a month!  I am thrilled…I finally can breathe and sleep at night! Thanks for all your help, Tanya!

From Member, Scott Morey


Been a member since 2000, way back when It was called Notre Dame Federal Credit union. I’m not going anywhere. They have always been there to help in our times of need. Great bunch of people.

~ Scott Morey

From Member, Janis Pelletier Noel


The first account my parents ever opened for me nearly 40 years ago was here, and I still have it (along with a few more). I have always been treated kindly and highly recommend opening any type of account you may need here. The service is always great and the tellers friendly and helpful. The rates and fees are competitive, as well as having convenient hours of operation.

~Janis Pelletier Noel

From Member, Chuck Cabaniss

October 20, 2017

As a business owner with employees, I am very much in tune with how I am treated by employees whenever I enter any type of establishment. I am often motivated to provide management with feedback when there is one who stands out and makes customers feel welcome and valued as what recently happened to me in your Augusta branch. I do this because I am aware of how it affects any business.

When I walked in the door to conduct some business I was greeted with a big welcoming smile and the request of, can I help you. The experience was one that left me feeling I was doing business with the right organization. Thank you!

~Chuck Cabaniss

from member, Judy Gregory

~May 4, 2017

“I have been a member since I was a child, and my adult child also has an account. NDFCU has been there to support me through many vehicle purchases, personal loans, credit card, etc. I’ve always had great service from past and present staff, and many times in a pinch, helping me to get through whatever was coming at me. Phone calls and emails are answered promptly and by a friendly, helpful employee. Thank you for continuing to be my “go to” banking institution.”

from member, Sr. Kathryn Kelm…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“The New Dimensions staff is so friendly and helpful. I am so happy our little non-profit, Alter Bread business has an account here.”

from member, Marie Carrier…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“New Dimensions has great service. The staff is of great help when you need it. Thanks to you and your staff.”

from member, Norma Gagne…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“Every time I go to NDFCU, I am greeted with a smile and someone always calls me by my first name. I’m so glad that I chose New Dimensions FCU. Thank you!”

from member, Diane Dechaine…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“New Dimensions has been here for us for many years. The staff is especially professional and have always helped us connect with the correct staff person needed. New Dimensions will flourish because of the people who are there, plus the extra things they do over and above their job descriptions. Keep up the good work! We need more like NDFCU!”

from member, W. Sumner Davis…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“Exemplary Service! Smiling Personnel! Great People!”

from member, Albert Brochu…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“I am very satisfied with the service I receive at New Dimensions. The tellers are very friendly and knowledgeable. I have been a member for a long time and proud to be a member.”

from member, Bruce Kaherl…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“I always enjoy banking at New Dimensions FCU. They have very good staff ready to help you in time of need.”

from member, Pamela Rideout…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“When we joined New Dimensions, we were shocked at the feeling of being so welcomed at a credit union. We felt everyone there knew us and cared about us. We never feel like a ‘number’ when we do our banking at New Dimensions.”

from member, Heidi Goodale…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“I had gone through a very difficult time in my life and had made some poor financial decisions. New Dimensions FCU worked with me and gave me a second chance to repair my credit. The staff always left me feeling better about myself and gave me renewed hope in getting back on my feet to better financial choices. Thank you for empowering me to improve my life. You are the best!”

from member, Sandra Marcoux…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“I’ve been a member of NDFCU for 45 years, so it is like going home each time I go through the doors. The tellers and the office personnel have always been a great help no matter what my financial business was. Thank you for giving me the confidence and privilege to do my banking with you.”

from Michael Coyne, member of NDFCU…

~Annual Meeting/March 2017

“Whether in an office, or out on the floor, the genuine friendly attitude at NDFCU is the ‘real deal’! They are always keeping members aware of new programs. The credit union staff are family.”