2 Smartphone Apps To Help You Save This Holiday Season.

2 Smartphone Apps to help you save this holiday season.

Holiday shopping is officially underway, and we found a couple of smartphone apps that could save you money!  Download these FREE apps to your phone before you head out to do your holiday shopping! Flipp: According to the description for…

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7 ways to “trim” your Thanksgiving budget!

There’s nothing like the smell of a mouth-watering turkey dinner cooking in the kitchen. We are 1 week away from the big day and many of us are planning our menus. Before you finalize your menu and shopping list, consider…

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Cha-Ching! 6 Ways You Can Save More Money!

Cha-Ching! 6 Ways you can save more money!

Many members say they could really use an extra $100 a month to add to their household budget. It’s easier than you think to “find” that amount of money. Sure, there may be a little effort on your part, but…

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Halloween Made Fun….and Affordable!!

Halloween made Fun....and Affordable!!

Many kids are very excited for Halloween and to show off their favorite character costumes or scary creations.  What’s scary for parents is the hefty price tags on some of these store-bought costumes. Popular characters are starting at $39.99 and…

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Teach Your Child How To Save…using A Little Bit Of “Elbow Grease”?

Teach your child how to save...using a little bit of "Elbow Grease"?

Teach your kids to save money for future purchases with this idea! Like most parents, you probably hear “Mom, I want a new Lego set” or, “Dad, can I have money to buy a new video game?”  Daily, right? Instead…

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5 Ways To Save Money While Living Paycheck To Paycheck.

5 Ways to save money while living paycheck to paycheck.

Many families are living paycheck to paycheck…you’re not alone.  Seventy-eight percent of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck, up from 75 percent last year. Additionally, 71 percent of all U.S. workers said they're now in debt, up from…

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Save Money On Dinner Tonight!

Save money on dinner tonight!

Summer harvest in August and September gives you plenty of options to create healthy dinners for your family while saving you money at the same time! Farm stands are brimming with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, and your local grocery…

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Family Fun! Take A Nature Walk!

Family Fun! Take a Nature Walk!

Last minute budget-friendly family fun idea! The kids will be back to school in just a few days. Squeezing in some last-minute family fun doesn’t have to require a long drive or spending lots of money. Many times, parents are…

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