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Have You Ever Left The Grocery Store Wondering HOW You Spent All That Money?

Have you ever left the grocery store wondering HOW you spent all that money?

Did you know that grocery stores are designed purposefully to help you spend your money? According to the Marketing Science Institute, an average of 51% of items purchased at the grocery store are considered impulse purchases. However, these impulse purchases…

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You Are Thinking About Leasing A New Car?

You Are Thinking About Leasing a New Car?

We researched the ins and outs of leasing a car, and here is what we found: At some point, everyone faces having to replace their vehicle. When shopping for a car there are a lot of considerations such as buying…

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You Want To Add Another Person To Your Credit Card

You want to add another person to your credit card

What you need to know about adding an authorized user to your credit card When we hear about the credit building process, we often think about payment history, credit utilization, and not having too many inquiries. Did you know that…

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Making The Tax Credit Work For You

Making the Tax Credit Work for You

Decisions, Decisions! What to do if you receive an early child tax credit! With the advancement of the child tax credit starting this month, many Americans are at odds with adding the credit into their budgets. Families with children ages…

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Looking For Your First Apartment Can Be Fun—but Educate Yourself First!

Looking for your first apartment can be fun—but educate yourself first!

You have finally graduated and now you’re looking for the freedom of your own space! We have some ideas that will better inform you, so you make the right decision for yourself. As graduation season approaches, many high school students…

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Taking Steps To Financial Freedom

Taking Steps to Financial Freedom

We can show you how in just 4 easy steps. “Can I get a new toy?” a little boy asked his mother while at the store. His mother replied, “Not today, we have to wait till Friday when I get…

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Financial Education Makes A Difference

Financial Education Makes a difference

There are moments in life when a small amount of guidance and understanding can be so impactful that it changes someone’s life. At New Dimensions, we strive to show our members how to navigate their finances so that they are…

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Wondering What To Do With Your Income Tax Return?

Wondering what to do with your income tax return?

A proactive approach now will save you later! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Data, unemployment was at approximately 55% by the end of January 2021. Unfortunately, American households still struggle with the impact COVID-19 made on their finances…

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